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Top Ten Lists

The following lists are quick references to some of the most important, most well known, and/or biggest things in Yrazul.

Largest Islands
Largest Cities
Living Bards
Best Known Songs
  1. Bless Our Lady
  2. Breaking the World
  3. Where are you Valerie?
  4. Falling for Forever
  5. The Paquena Fight Song
  6. Sailing the Sky
  7. Ballad of Serra Bex
  8. Burning of Falar
  9. Anthem of the Great Games
  10. Death of the Majestic
Largest Organizations
Famous Airships
  1. Holt
  2. Spooky Blue
  3. Namur's Pride
  4. Queen Victoria
  5. Skyrunner
  6. Black Rose
  7. Swifttail
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