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Meet the Game Master

Who am I?

My name is Chris, and I’ve been playing and game mastering various role playing games for forty plus years. I’m originally from Colorado and now living in Iowa, but I’ve lived in Chicago, Australia and California. That, combined with the amount of travel opportunities my current job provides me, gives me a wide variety of experiences to draw off as a GM. I love role-playing, but I don’t live for it. I have a life outside my games, and I hope my players have one, too. I am married to a wonderful woman named Kimberly, and we have two kids. I'm currently an independent contractor for a Canadian car wash controls company, providing support for their US distributors, which keeps me busy, so every bit of game time I have is a precious commodity.

My GM style

As a Game Master I emphasize Role playing, not Roll-playing. Puzzle solving and creative problem solving are big part of my campaigns. PC’s with an attitude of “attack first, ask questions later” don’t last long in my campaign. I like my campaigns to be not only the result of the work I put into them, but the results of my players efforts as well. That’s why I put a really big emphasis on Player Character backgrounds. Most of my best villains and memorable NPC’s are ideas born from holes left in my players background notes for their characters. I am also noted for numerous subplots that often take PC’s way off course.

The bottom line is this - The way I approach game-mastering is that I’m responsible for people, environment and the basic story line, but the players are responsible for the action and adventure.

Contact Me

If you would like to ask me about Yrazul, or are interested in joining the campaign, please contact me via the feedback form here.


In gaming in general, and Yrazul in specifics, these are the works that have inspired me. Inspirations

GM Stuff

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