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Welcome to Yrazul!

Yrazul is my D&D campaign set in a world of floating islands in the sky.

Next Game: <on haitus>

This Wiki is the basis of communication and information about the The Lady's World of Yrazul, and the rules and resources for the campaign. Any registered user can edit or add pages to add useful information. Some pages will be for the Game Master only, and other pages can be limited to an individual Player or Players only. Anyone may read these pages, but only current players will be allowed to register.

Setting - The background information about Yrazul - History, Nations, The Lady, etc.

Player Characters - Current and Past Player Characters who adventure in Yrazul

Non Player Characters - The notable and not so notable personalities of Yrazul

Rules - A list of the various official rule sources I use, as well as documentation for the house rules.

Top Ten Lists - A list of miscellaneous trivia about Yrazul and the campaign.

GameMaster - Who I am, and a little about my style.

Players - A list of Players, and links to their pages and PCs.

Chris Heismann Winterset IA

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