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The Holy Church of The Lady


The original church of The Lady, the Icarans are also the oldest and most entrenched church. Their worshippers number 65% of Yrazuls total population. Services are fairly long - 1 to 2 hours, with lots of reflective prayer. Main service is held on Sundays at noon, with prayer circles all week.

Holy symbol:

usually just a silver circle on a dark background, sometimes the circle is gold. Personal holy symbols will often have an image of The Lady upon them.

Church Architecture:

As the richest of the three churches, Icaran churches tend to be large and ornate. The center dias is raised above the prayer circles, and is frequently covered by a domed skylight filled with stained glass. The kneeling boards of the prayer circles are often upholstered with fine leather or linen. The sanctuary is often the center of the building, with wings containing offices and quarters for the clergy. In the larger churches and cathedrals, the sanctuary will often have one or more balconies, containing additional prayer circles. Entrance ways are often flanked by ornate steeples.

Role-Playing Note
The Icaran philosophy can be summed up with the following basic worship tenet: How have I wronged the Lady and how can I make amends?
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