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Island of Telarus

  • Size: 55,255 square miles (approximately the size of Iowa)
  • Civilization: 22,400 square miles (40%)
  • Wilderness: 32,855 square miles (59%)
  • Castles: 81
  • Castle Ruins: 24
  • Population Density: 73 people per square mile
  • Total Population: 4,033,615 people
  • Rural Population: 3,670,590 people (91%)
  • Urban Population: 242,017 people (6%)
  • Isolated Population: 121,008 people (3%)
  • Cultural Notes: Primarily Human population (80%). Elf population is about 12%, 6% Hobgoblin and 2% Gnome.

Telarun's clothes are of a flamboyant style, mostly made of linen or leather in bright blues and greens; slit skirts and long sleeves are prevalent. There is quite a lot of ornament, mostly in the form of beadwork.

Current Rulers are the HouseLorne House of Lorne, headed by VincentLorneII King Vincent II. The other major ruling Houses of the island are HouseAston Aston, HouseBrabham Brabham, HouseGraylocke Graylocke, HouseLotun Lotun and HouseMcClaren McClaren. See HousesTelarus Houses of Telarus for more information. The former ruling house, the HouseCairn House of Cairn, have been in exile since 749.

Notable Information Thanks to the TelarusTradingGuild Telarus Trading Guild, Telarus is the major trade nation of the leeward islands.

Urban Population Centers:

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