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The Saints

After the Great War and the destruction of the world, worship of the Lady was an informal affair, with most worshipers simply paying her their respects in their own fashions. In the 30th Year of The Lady Johan Francis wrote the Book of The Lady, which became the foundation for the Johan Order.

As the 90th Year of The Lady approached, worship of The Lady was waning. A devout leader of Johan Order, Hector Icara began a campaign within the Order, attempting to spread the word of The Lady, and her book as far and as wide as possible. A charismatic man who was both sincere and persuasive, Icara swayed many people back into The Lady's worship. As his fame grew, so to did his powers, and in the 100th Year of The Lady, the first miracle occurred since the destruction of the world, and Icara ascended to sainthood as the First Saint of the Sun. Thus, the first of the Saints, Saint Icara, came to be.

The Saints are:

Name Primary Domain Secondary Domain Tertiary Domain
Adien Sun Fire
Allyin Animal Healing
Amphelice Fate Luck
Borai Tyranny Strength
Brygio Spell Magic, Illusion
Callos Travel Protection
Cezu Magic Chaos
Clendri Illusion Elf
Dareve Fire Tyranny
Dasian Craft Planning
Eandri Time
Grittas Portal Travel
Icara Sun Family
Jennaldra Trickery Gnome
Joruel Planning Knowledge
Juskan War Hobgoblin (Orc?)
Larios Luck Trickery
Lenina Renewal Darkness
Lyacall Water Storm
Mali Air Travel
Marcellin Metal Strength
Maud Runes Slime
Meryin Charm Good
Nim Earth Darkness Cavern
Ninaede Plant Spider
Oishi Craft Elf
Omiri Storm Chaos
Pensario Trade Knowledge
Reva Family, Protection
Riano Sun Good
Soma Protection Renewal
Thomas Healing Family
Vasius Knowledge
Victoria Nobility Law Community
Vonar War Chaos
Wutar Strength Retribution
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