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Religion in Yrazul

There is one god in Yrazul, and she is known only as The Lady. Since the Great War and the destruction of the world, her essence is all that keeps Yrazul together and the universe from utterly ceasing to exist. See the myth of Creation for more details. Though there is only The Lady, several factions have arisen in her worship. She is very powerful, but most of her power is directed towards keeping her people and world alive. Without her efforts, Yrazul and the universe would be no more. Because of this, she can no longer lead her faithful directly, and several factions of worship have arisen since the Great War. All believe in the The Lady, it's just that they don't all believe in honoring and obeying her in the same way.

All of the factions are collectively known as Johanists because they follow the basic teachings of Johan Francis. They comprise between 90 and 95% of Yrazul's population. The major factions are:

The Holy Church of The Lady - The original church, founded after the Great War and led by the Johan Order and the principles of Saint Icara. Also known as Icarans.

The Reformed Church of The Lady - Formed in 527 with the emergence of Saint Riano, they were formed to combat what they described as “growing corruption” within the Holy Church, and sought to reform it. Also known as Rianons

The Lady's Faithful Orthodox Church - Formed in 888 by a break off sect of the Reformationists with strong ties to the Redemptionists, they are the smallest, youngest and most fanatical of the three major factions. They follow the teachings of Saint Adien, the most recent saint. Also known as Adienists, or Aiden's Cult. In addition to the major factions, small factions have grown up around each of the Saints, the most well know and respected of which is The Pensarians.

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