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The Redemptionists

A semi-secret society dedicated to defeating evil, preserving knowledge, and preparing for the Final War, when the Old Ones return. They follow the codes and ideas set forth in Serra Bex's book A Path to Redemption.

The most public members of society are bards, but there are many sub-orders within the guild, including the Scouts, who are dedicated to learning all of the secrets of the Old Ones; and the Guards, who are tasked with eliminating the greatest threats to the Free Races and the Redemptionists. The most secret sect of the guild are the Builders, dedicated to raising an army to help defend against the Old One's return.


Goal: The primary reason the Redemptionists exist is to further their interpretation of Serra Bex's A Path to Redemption, which is to build the defenses and armies needed to protect the people of The Lady when the Great Serpent and the Old Ones return.

Protection: The secondary reason for Redemptionists is to protect the people of The Lady from those who would corrupt them. A lesser motive to band together and protect the self interests of it's members has formed over the years.

Belief/Code: All Redemptionists believe that only by working together to follow the path outlined by Serra Bex can the people of The Lady be victorious in the Final War against the Old Ones.

Joining the Guild

Purchase: Anyone wishing to join the Redemptionists must commit to perform some service for the organization and/or make a donation to it's coffers. The guild recognizes that the more members the better, and what is required from a prospective member is based upon what the new member can afford.

Secret: No member is allowed to discuss what their membership requirement is.

Membership Criteria

Test/Examination: Each prospective member must demonstrate knowledge of Serra Bex's A Path to Redemption.

Size and Scope: The Redemptionists are spread far and wide across Yrazul, however, in some places their presence is more pervasive than in others. The Redemptionist Guild operates on almost of all of the Islands of Yrazul. It is most popular among Humans and Gnomes, but some of it's most fanatical members are Hobgoblins. Most Elves dismiss the Redemptionists as a fraternity of harmless fools.

Guild Structure & Advancement



Duty: All members are expected to contribute to the preparations for the final war. This can either be financial, labor, or both. Members are expected to contribute 10% of their income, or five days labor at a Redemptionist bunker, or some combination thereof.


Leaving the Guild

The Sub-Orders of the Redemptionists

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