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The Goat War

In the 20th Year of the Lady, the House of Hillar and the House of Devin of Telarus began a series of border skirmishes of the grazing rights for their goats. The conflict grew, eventually drawing in the other seven great houses of Telarus, becoming a territorial dispute over the whole island. The war unofficially ended in the 83rd Year of the Lady, after the House of Hillar was completely wiped out, and their territories subsumed by the House of Cairn.

An uneasy truce developed between the other Houses, and the borders remained fairly stable. Small border skirmishes erupted over the next few hundred years, but no major territory disputes came about. The Goat War officially ended in the 706th Year of the Lady, when the House of Cairn and the House of Graylocke politically maneuvered the other houses into the Treaty of the Well.

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